Still Watching TV

There’s nothing left to watch on Netflix, Hulu or HBO Go. There are no new episodes of anything on the DVR. Well. I should probably go outside. It’s time to tackle this day head on!

What do you mean it’s 3 in the morning? I haven’t left my apartment in 3 days? No. No! That can’t be right. Thank god my parents aren’t here to see this. This is shameful. Healthy, well-adjusted people do not live life like this.

That’s it! Today’s the day I get myself together. Today is the day I use all that time I spend watching TV and applying it toward a higher purpose. Who knows how many problems I could have solved with all those hours and hours of TV and mini series? I could have been an award winning something by now. All I have to do is stop keeping up with my shows and these characters and their story lines, and I’ll be fine.

Okay, okay, you caught me! I’m still watching tv.


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